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  • (75 months ago)William Rhoden
    What an amazing opportunity! Just to hear Joshua Bell is worth a field trip, never mind getting to meet him! Very very cool!
Faiss Orchestra and Josh Bell Slideshow

Faiss Middle School Orchestra students were treated to an once-in-a-lifetime experience when they traveled to Mesa Arizona on February 11th to see the world famous violinist, Josh Bell, in concert. Thanks to the efforts of their director, David Heyman, they were able to go backstage before the concert to meet the artist in person, to talk to him and ask him questions. The concert was equally amazing. The students were mesmerized throughout the two-hour performance by the incredible beauty of the music. Although they hear violin music daily in orchestra class, hearing a true master like Josh Bell play a Stradivarius is a string player's dream come true. This slideshow provides a chronological record of the trip, including the bus ride to Mesa, dinner at Bucca di Beppo, the backstage meeting with Josh Bell, the concert, the hotel stay, and the return bus trip.

Length: 5m 8s

March 04, 2011
76 months ago

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