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The Third "Reclaim Your Future" Walk

The District invited community members to sign up and go to students' homes and ask them to come back to school to show the community cares about student success and wants to help them reclaim their future by returning to the classroom. When the school district initiated this effort in September 2011, almost 1,500 students from 10 high schools were identified as non-returning. This was unacceptable and the Reclaim Your Future door-to-door effort became one solution implemented to encourage students to return and graduate. Clark County School District and community volunteers went door-to-door Saturday, September 22, to re-engage students and to get our kids back into the classroom and "Ready by Exit" with a high school diploma. Students can succeed with education "boot camps" to prepare for the High School Proficiency Exams, Individualized Education Plans to earn needed credits, and access to mentors for support and guidance.

Length: 3m 35s

September 24, 2012
81 months ago

Michele Nelson

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