Uploading a Video

Step 1
Log into CCSDTV by using the Login link. (Use your InterAct credentials)
Step 2
Click on My Videos
Step 3
Click on the Upload Video button
Step 4
Click on the Select a Video button and choose the video you wish to upload
Step 5
While the video is uploading, enter a title and description (optional). The form will auto-suggest tags for you and you may delete any of the auto-suggested by clicking the 'X' on the selected tag. Add any other additional tags related to the video being uploaded
Step 6
For the Group option, select 'None' to post this video as yourself or you may post the video as a group. Your name will not be shown as the video poster
Step 7
After you have filled out the upload form with information and your video has finished uploading to our server, press the 'Send Video' button.